Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Contrarian view

It is not fun to be a contrarian. It can cost you a lot of emotional stress because you are going against the grains. The whole world will mock at you. It is a very cold, dark and lonely journey. Most elected to conform than to revolt. Today's dedication goes to bloggers that still have not given up pounding keyboards to tell the world they are wrong because the facts say so. Mr. Tan Teng Boo, just to let you know there are people going against the grains except they are traveling in the different wilderness.

He recently said he has been buying stocks gradually on behalf of his clients . He is willing to look beyond the valley of sub-prime, beyond 6 to 9 months, foregoing catching the precise bottom. He will absolutely stick to his gun saying the world economy has decoupled but financial markets are more synchronized, hence not decoupled. (see above two pictures taken from the Economist and below newspaper cutting from the Star)

I am not suggesting we spend all our money tomorrow, I am saying do not be afraid to buy high quality stocks on cheap. Is the time near? I hope my readers will not think I am the Mr. Market that keep changing minds all the time, I am saying good bargains begin to emerge but precise bottom is not yet known.

This was drafted over the last weekend when the whole world was very gloomy. This will look awkward today on worldwide stock markets rebound. I guess it does not matter because people will change their minds again.

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