Friday, March 21, 2008

Developing feel for worldwide capital markets

We need to have a feel of "terrains". I try my best to internalize the numbers, for me to have a feel of the money flow and behavior of institutional money.

According to Wikipedia, Worldwide 'stock market' is estimated about US $ 51 trillions. Bond market is estimated around 45 trillions. The world derivatives market is estimated around US $ 480 trillions.

In terms of stock market share based on 2006 figures, North America captured about 41%, followed by Asia Pacific of 28%, Europe 27% and Latin America, Middle East and Africa 4%.

Worldwide mutual fund industry is estimated about 25 trillions.

Hedge fund industry has been growing very rapidly, it was estimated around US $ 1 trillion in 2005, probably even higher today.

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