Thursday, May 8, 2008

Be Patient, Never Run out of Patience

I'm hitting the road. Will keep things brief. I really wanted to laugh on the plane reading the papers. Most of the pros behaved worse than average investors. They cann't keep their arguments straight. Productivitiy up, Oil Up, Copper UP, Aluminium UP but Gold DOWN. Productivity gains equal to strong economy equal to strong demand but not equal to strong dollar, so where is the argunment of flight of the dollar? Those arguments sound like a kid tries to have it their way, justifying the price to go up or down.

Switch subject. Most agree that capital market is stabilizing. Consumer credit market is the shoe to drop. This view is consistent with what Buffet said last Sunday, capital market is stabilizing but the average consumers feel they are less well to do today compared to six to eight months ago i.e. recession. I'm going to be patient, just let the markets sort out itself.

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