Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Reading

Just a very short entry. Got to take the whole family for Indiana Jones. If you have not been reading lately. Here are my favorite two to three books that I recommend, also recommended by the WSJ. I think I've been reading Reminiscences of A Stock Operator at least 3-5 times. It's a great book, down-to-the-earth and cover almost all the FAQ about speculating, stock tips, crowd psychology, etc. Read it, it will help you tremendously. Jesse Livermore is as influential as today's W. Buffet.
Reminiscences of A Stock Operator”: Edwin Lefevre’s account of the Wall Street adventures of the great speculator, Jesse Livermore. Written more than 85 years ago, but full of timeless lessons about Wall Street. Get the hardcover version with illustrations. A riveting read.

To understand risk, books by Nicholas Taleb are excellence.

Fooled by Randomness/The Black Swan,” NassimNicholas Taleb: I’ve listed both of his excellent recent books, although Fooled is the better read. Taleb’s books are about separating serendipity and success. They can also get a bit abstruse, but so what.

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