Monday, May 26, 2008

Multi-billions FDI coming to Penang

As the old saying goes: Actions Speak Louder than Words. My sincere thanks to Guan Eng as a Penangite and Malaysian. I was thinking to make comments after 100 days of opposition taking over. I just can't help it but to acknowledge a very good job done. It's RM 1.2 Billion foreign direct investment from a Japanese company and more to come from an American firm! I don't know what the Star is trying to do, keep it at such a low profile - why highlight millions and not billions? Come on, facts are facts, just report as they are.

There is such a big contrast going on with our ruling government, UMNO is still quarrellings among themselves, the opposition already showing results. Rakyat is witnessing what is an effective government look like. Just like tortoise and hare race, tortoise is way ahead while the hare is still dreaming how fast and powerful he is, I hope the ruling party will be not surprise by everyone is cheering for tortoise to cross the finishing line.

US hi-tech firm to invest millions in Penang

GEORGE TOWN: An American high-tech company will announce its multimillion-dollar investment in Penang next week, said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

He said that he would leave it to the new investor to reveal the details of its investment plan, adding that more foreign investments were expected to come to the state later.

"I hope the inflow of foreign investors to Penang will attract local investors including small and medium industries to the state," he told newsmen after opening Human Rights Training Programme on Sunday.

He described the assurance by Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop that the second Penang bridge project would proceed as a boost for Penang to attract more investors.

"We have to try catch on the wave before the global economic slowdown which is expected to hit us at the end of the year.

"It’s like one should catch all the fish when the tide is coming in and not receding," he added.

On May 22, Lim announced Japan-based printed circuit board maker Ibiden Co Ltd’s investment amounting to RM1.2bil.

Ibiden is investing the amount for the first phase of its new printed wiring board (PWB) plant at Penang Science Park. The facility, on an 18ha plot, would be developed in two phases.

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thebigbang said...

let us spread the news that this Star Paper is biased and the people should boycott it.