Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wisdom from George Soros

CNN Money interviewed George Soros recently.
Just want to highlight three most important points to reflect:

1. The twin bubbles burst(housing and credit) are so serious that he came out of retirement.
When I saw what I considered the most serious financial crisis of my lifetime, I came out of retirement and set up an account to hedge their positions.

2. Don't trust yourself. The only paranoid survives.
It's important in life and in investing always to question yourself. Understand that you may be wrong, especially when you believe too firmly that you're right.

3. The secret of happiness: Mind over money.
I'm reasonably happy, but the money's not the point. It's an indication that I've succeeded in the grand adventure of understanding reality.

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Investment Tool said...

I agree that we should mind over money. Money cannot buy happiness.