Thursday, April 29, 2010

Closing out all BJ Toto-CD

I made a wild call of BJ Toto-CD as a trading idea.

I've closed out all my positions at 0.065. Even though BJ Toto is tempting to break out from $ 4.50 and I had a 100% return expectation when it was in December 09, but the expiry date is only 80 days away, I'm contended with 18% return. I'm making a follow up on this entry just to show that when circumstance change, if one is taking a trading position, one should not continue to hang on to hope that BJ Toto mother share will reach $ 4.70 - $ 5.50 target even though it well could can happen within a short period of time. Trader should also know the potential headwind is in front of them, getting closer to correction period.

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