Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Half-full or half empty?

MalaysiaFinance posted an interesting question that requires us to refresh and remind ourselves: Speculator or investor ? Half empty or half full? Am I a speculator or an investor? Does it matter? If you reach the glass and pour it in your mouth, it will quench your thirst. It will keep our body from dehydrations. It will do us no harm as long as it is water. The dangerous part of it is ignorance – drinking a cup of half-empty water contaminated with arsenic! (the latter part requires some level of paranoid thinking, self-awareness and knowledge)

At the personal level, I have been struggling for years trying to reconcile both schools, ended pissing-off a lot of people. The kind of question that forces you to choose right or wrong, which is a tricky question.

Consider this, speed kills!


Some guys may turn around and argue, speed doesn’t kill but STUPIDITY does!

Risk is coming from not knowing what we are doing. The same analog applies speculating doesn’t kill but STUPIDITY does.

What about investing? Can investing kills you? Investing will not kill you, I guarantee you but ……… hiding your stupidity and incompetency in the name of INVESTING will kill you.

There are rules of engagement to be an INVESTOR or SPECULATOR ought to be respected. The worst of all, people call themselves investor or speculator when they are not!(strong words indeed, it took me three shots of Johnny Walker Blue to make this statement). Have a good day.

Disclosure: The author thinks himself is an investor and also a speculator.

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