Friday, April 30, 2010

Do I regret closing out BToto-CD too early?

Looks like BJ Toto broke out from $ 4.50 today. It has made a least 4 attempts but pulled back quickly over the last 1 year.

Well, we only can make the best judgement at the point of making decision and not after that. Statiscally, the odds were not good(yesterday) so taking profit was the best decision.

I did realize that there is a possibility of it will cross $ 4.50 heading to $ 4.70 which is even tougher by putting on a technical glass. If it can cross $ 4.70 convincingly, it will move on to unchartered territory. Realizing this possibility, I closed out the high risk trade especially warrant that will fast losing its value as time goes on. I however will still hold on to its mother share as I bought the stock for its dividend and a long term investment.


swifz said...

Hi, you choose the wrong warrant. BJToto-CF which has a longer lifetime (Feb 2011) is trading only at 1% premium. Much better deal as compared to CD/CE.

I suggest that you buy my Bursa Malaysia Warrant calculator to avoid this kind of mistakes. :p

山下聖人 said...

Hi,turtle, I sold my BJTOTO-CD as well more earlier than you I think at RM0.06.Never mind, we can buy back CF which is easier to calculate and have longer period.