Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just mumbling

Sorry, have been away from the country again for a few days. Let’s leave the bulls and bears alone a few days. They need time to sort out and to settle down among themselves.

Since I have not been able to follow the financial news very closely for the past 2-3 days, I will allow my random thoughts to just spurt out whatever that come naturally. I was one of those guys suffer from cocktail party-phobia. To those who are about to join the working world, you may have an impression that it’s a glamorous assignment, feeling great wearing nice suit(of which I think I don’t have one), holding wine or champagne glass rubbing shoulders with big shots.

Unless, I’m really have no choice – my boss threatening to fire me if I don’t go - I will always prefer to shy away from these kind of scenes for a number of reasons. No 1, I don’ think people are genuinely interested in each other. All they did will be introducing each other, exchanging business card and say something polite to each other. That’s it. Worse than hi and bye.

Or people will keep asking, do you know who and who, can you introduce them to so and so. Would you mind to set up an appointment for me?

Or worst of all, especially Asian, they tend to talk among themselves or some guys will be left alone in a corner by themselves.

Or some guys will boost how they made some killing in stock market. These guys are so convincing on the hottest sectors or stocks(fundamentally, technically and most powerful of all, I’ve got inside tips). Some of these guys are quite powerful, they can be very intimidating exerting peer pressure on you. If you are new and young to investing, this will be one of fastest way to destruction.

Perhaps I’m getting more cynical as I’m getting older. I prefer solitude and need plenty of sleeps nowadays. Good night.

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