Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good initiative by Bursa Malaysia

Saw these in the market statistics by Bursa Malaysia. I think they begin to release some good information for us to make a better informed decision. Thank you Bursa.

[1] Trading statistics: local vs. foreign

We can see that foreign instituitions are buying quality blue chips i.e. 11% of trading volume but account for 24% of value. Average price that they bought were $3.70.

Local instituitional funds are also buying into higher quality stocks, average stock price is about $3.89, slightly higher than their foreign counter parts.

Our local retails love to "play" penny or lower quality stocks. 42% of trading volume but only account for 20% of value. Average transaction price is 0.74/shre

[2] Trading activities by brokers

CIMB is an obvious choice for some higher net worth or bigger clients. I believe they will spend more time to track a lot of blue chips companies. Not surprisingly their quality is better.

Hwang DBS is not too bad. Surprisingly they still hanging there after their star analyst Vincent Khoo left the company.

I have reasonable resons to believe one of the largest favorite of penny stock broker is OSK as they acccount for 10% of volume but only 6% of value. If you look the buy and sell value, sell is higher than buy, they have some winning market calls. Where else, Aminvest or RHB have money losing calls, sell value is lower than buy value.

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