Monday, April 26, 2010

Hulu S'gor: 'No cause to complain now'

Quoting two sources, to prevent being accused from taking one side.

(MalaysiaKini) 'Pakatan will have to live and fight another day. For the Malays, Chinese and Indians, they've made their choice. They will also have no cause to complain from now on.'

(TheStar)Najib said P. Kamalanathan’s victory was significant for Barisan because he won the seat by a 1,725-vote majority in the constituency while Barisan lost by a slim 198-vote majority in the 2008 general election.

The conspiracy camp thinks it's a buy election. The ruler thinks that they have done it right to recapture people heart.

I refrain giving my views since it's highly political. There are four possibilities of interpreting the result:

I. PKR has not been able to deliver what they promised.

II. Giving BN a chance, they have been beaten enough.

III. Both are competing hard, giving their best. BN won this time, PKR needs to work harder.

IV. Both are hopeless, since it’s a “buy election”. Take the highest bidder.

As long as it's not possibility I and IV, I think Malaysia still have hope.

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