Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Has my driving habit changed -- post RM 2.7/liter petrol ?

As the saying goes, we are a creature of habits. Do we need RM 2.7 / liter to kick our habits especially the bad ones? I bet it does. I'm for one not a car crazed guy begin to research on "alternative-fuel-solution".

This will give me an excuse to buy a new car, right? Honda Civic Hybrid launched in August 2, 2007 was a teasing idea. However, when I looked at the price tag, Ouuch -- RM 158,000. Gee, let's put on Buffet thinking cap to calculate the payback based on future cash-flow. Never mind, I think I pass.

The next idea is converting my car to NGV. This probably cost between RM 5,000 to RM 8,000. If anyone has a petrol bill of RM 450/month at RM 2.70/liter, a saving of 80% will give you a payback between 14 - 22 months. A suggestion given by my friend, go claim your RM 625 rebate before converting because NGV cars are not qualified for rebate. ( Click this article in the Star for more details)

A third suggestion is blog more, go out less: save you RM 300/month. But then, guys, are you creating too many domestic issues at home, you know what I mean. Have a productive day ahead.

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