Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Throwing in a towel?

By observing the volume transacted over Bursa Malaysia lately, I think most people are almost giving up hope already. Most of the Internet stock chat rooms are quiet. Over the last 3-5 years, I think volume transacted on 17 June 2008 was one of the lowest.

I used to keep a copy an article published in the Star in 2006 painted Bursa Malaysia as if like the-end-of-the-world and an abandoned child with no attention (one of the lowest volume). Right after that article was published, the unexpected big bull run was born in September 2006. Many later conviced to join the rally but were not aware of danger ahead. 2006 was the peak of US housing bubble, it has been on downhill since then. Pessimists think US housing recession will persist into 2012-2014. Don't get into this guessing game unless you have nothing to do. Now many said Wall Street crisis is over though the Main Street is still suffering.

Nobody is talking about stocks now. If you go to newsstand, the Edge will stack up - unsold! You can see quite a lot of stocks hitting 52 week low. If you are looking to buy, the time is near. As usual, let me be candid, my timing has not been great so far, both my "Turtle" stocks that I bought went down around 10% before rebound. So take this read with a pinch of salt, a few pinches are all right with me too. Good luck!


Raymond said...

Most share markets are still too high to buy, too low to sell, thus the stalemate in trade volumes.

The effects of inflation in Asia and slowdown in US will be felt later due to the time lag. So good chance is that it will go down further before it will go up.

But now is good time to dust off your weapon and start locking up targets to shoot when the times come. Buy the best and bluest during a market meltdown. A crisis like this doesn't always happen, and it mean opportunities.

thebigbang said...

Deliberate and plan speculation is a way to preserve and increase ones capital.


I am also a turtle trader follower.

Turtleinvestor said...

Indur Hedge Fund

I am not turtle trader follower. Turtle is just a blog name.

CPO Trader said...

Turtle investor:
I am not trying to 'kacao' you here. But, your name as turtle investor really confuse many who jump into your blog like what happen to indur hedge fund. Basically, this is because 'turtle trading' system had been so famous for the past few years especially when M.Covel wrote about it. So, when a trader saw the word 'turtle', they will jump into conclusion immediately.
So, you might need to think about it? Well, you have your own strategy. Although 'turtle' seems applied to yr strategy, but it is too popular in trading world. Just my very cheap 2 cents!


Thank you cpo trader for clearing the confusion.
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