Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tanjong PLC : Q1 '08 Review(Ref $ 14.2)

This is what I learn about why we don't buy low and sell high. Stocks are only available for low price when majority of people hate it, the fear of losing more money. People will not fear for no reason, you must be mad if you're fearful for no apparent threats. The threats that most people perceive now are fear of changing government, fear of riots, fear of the US market crashes, fear of further credit implosion, fear of inflation, etc. Whole of KLSE is selling for 11 times PE at 1200, this is cheap, even cheaper when Malaysian market shunned by foreign investors after we imposed capital control. I'm sure Mark Mobius salivates now.

In the case of Tanjong, the revenue has been growing solidly with overseas power asset acquisitions but stock price seems to be bouncing around, even trending down lately. The latest acquisition in Bangladesh contributed another 90 mln in the latest quarter to the group's top line but not much contribution to bottom line due to development cost. Normalized profit contribution from Bangladesh operation will be around 100-120 mln. Tropical Island which has been the black sheep in the group has been showing improvement after launching new attractions, losses narrowed to 2 mln in the latest quarter. Going forward, I would estimate Tanjong will generate about 800 million PAT per annum without the IPP windfall tax. Even you shave off 75 mln in the worst scenario of IPP windfall tax, Tanjong will still generate about 725 mln PAT or EPS of 1.68. Apply 12 times PE, Tanjong worth at least RM 20/share.

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Let's see how crazy the market is going to offer me. Even we have to wait for 3 years for this phase of uncertainty to pass, this is a good bet to get 15% return.


ron said...

I agreed and has bought into Tanjong.
What are yr views on shipping sector and shipper like Hubline and Swee Joo..?
Appreciate yr analysis...


any comment on HUAAN????

Anonymous said...

yes...i agree Tanjong is a good long term investment with increasing earning power. For those who really look for investment should start accumulating Tanjong. Dont forget its div yield @ current price is around 5.7%p.a.

ron said...

i hold some portion of huaan. i'll continue to hold short to mid term. i dont hv the analysis but the rationale may help until proven wrong.
huaan produces metal coke used in manufacture of steel product in china. considering china is urbanising, they'll need a lot of coke used in manuf. of steel.
i don know the market share of huaan in china but considering china current buying in australian resources companies of metal, coal (not sure abt coke)i view the huaan as positive in short/medium term.
huaan will pays dvd of 2.28 sen ex. 11th july, that works out to be 3.6%, better than bank interest rate. just to comfort self, ok..
what say others..?