Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tiger Wins US Open

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Sometimes you wish someone will take down a giant like him, to shake up the world of golf. It's amazing that a guy with one leg and spraying ball all over the course won the US Open, for the third time. Most of his die hard fans should know that he underwent knee surgery and out of actions for a while. He went through a lot of physical pain this week, that most of us didn't realize it, can't tell from his face.

He played many memorable shots but what he played on hole 17 on the third day was truly amazing. He had an errant tee shot ended up in punishing long grass of typical US Open course. His second shot was pretty like an average Joe(Turtle) shot, his ball landed in the rough between bunkers in front of green. His third shot really reminds me of don't ever bet against Tiger -- anything can happen. He was standing in an awkward position(most people will tell you to put your weight on the left but you just can't do that on the slope like that), technical descriptions over, he hit his ball and landed on the green and hop and hop and hop into the cup, carded a birdie. He was shocked, disbeliefed. Me too. He birdied -- just like that. That was the turning point to take outright lead after eagled hole 18.

Rocco Mediate. Rocco who? It doesn't matter who he is, what matters, he made Tiger worked very hard for it. Tiger was pumping his classic cocky fist on Sunday when his ball disappearing in the 18 hole cup, you just know how meaningful that was to him -- he wanted badly to force into playoff. The rest is history...............

Never Quit Though You Have Been Beaten Down. Fight a Good Fight.

Well done Tiger, Well done Rocco.

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