Saturday, October 8, 2011

Budget comments

Malaysia boleh. We can achieve 5-6% GDP growth in 2012, our PM said.

Malaysia boleh. As your responsible gomen, we will cut our defit to 4.7% of GDP. Errr.........How?

We keep our expenditure roughly the same like this year and raise our revenue assumption and GDP growth. What if they are wrong? Despite of having a good year for 2011, yet our deficits have gone up to 5.5%. I believe 2012 deficit will stay at elevated level of 5-6%.

I won't forget his promise to reduce our budget deficit by 50% by 2015 when he took over the PM office. 2.8% he promised. It's fast approach 3 years. Are you still on track, Mr. PM? Or you wish I don't have such a good memory?

Our hero Teh Hong Piow echoed that GDP growth of 5-6% is achievable. Come on Dato. I believe you must be reading canned script prepared by our gomen. You just want to do a bit of PR sucking up to the gomen. If this is true, you make me feel less worry. If not, my knees are growing weak. How can I count on you to take care of Public Bank when you talk like that one? Sell Public Bank, buy Hong Leong is increasingly getting louder to me now.

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On a second thought, may be it is good to let the gomen to have their own delusions. When the slow down is here. And they are in the middle of election. The heat of discontent will add more tailwind to already growing momentum for opposition party to take over. That will be game over for our gomen.

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