Friday, October 14, 2011

Portfolio Update

Recent market rebound added 1.3% gains to portfolio. Now stood at 9.3% gains through Oct 13, 2011. At the peak of the market, my Turtle portfolio gain only 20%, so I am not upset about it. I estimated that I can pick up another 2 more points when market is having less bad news.

I guess I shocked many from time to time but this time would be a Richter 8 quake shocked. Some reacted more than others but I believe these are good people. Those care enough will voice out their opinions. Thank you for everyone concern. I have not lost my minds nor I have been capitulated.

I see a number of stocks got bashed down a lot more than the index got bashed down. I know I have sold many strong fundamental stocks. I am thankful for that because it is precisely they are strong I did not suffer much, not like 50-60% down from the peak.

I believe a lot of people regretted that they sold their stocks two weeks ago, when they saw the markets accelerated sharply right after the hair pin turn, the got panic and rushed back to buy crazily.

Bad macro news from time to time will flush out the weak holders. With plenty of cash now, I am going to focus on my next few steps. It is time to identify the most mis-priced stocks now. Don't get me wrong that I want to jump back to market now. All I am saying is our time now should be devoted to look at companies rather than macro pictures. Macro big picture is a done deal, it will continue to drift for a while.

Have a nice weekend.


Cina said...

Mr Amateur Turtle Investor.. just thought I drop by and say hi..and thank you for those nice words.. take care

casey said...

Hi Turtle; thanks for being so transparent with your portfolio. My take is your recent actions (selling off) are your conviction that the world economy is indeed in disarray and thus taking a big Gamble (something i was tempted to do too) by liquidating your accumulated diversified holding.

In hindsight, from today's standpoint, it is a misjudgement. However, my own experience is that the jury is still out there. In another month or two, your actions may well be vindicated.

Nevertheless, i agree with your conclusion: in stead of moaning, take the opportunity to redesign and reinvest the cash your raised.