Thursday, October 6, 2011

Portfolio Update - October 2011

Added $888 saving for October 2011.

Okay, it's time to tally score. My portfolio stood at 8% gain through 6 October 2011. Cash is now around $40,000 on book value of $51,000. Almost 80% cash. The remaining stocks are still up for sales and hopefully I can salvage some of these dogs during counter rally.

The big pressure now is how to deploy $ 40,000 cash. My goal is get a 25% return on this $ 40,000 cash. This will put my portfolio back on track to achieve 10% return per annum. I hope my readers will understand me better now. It's no point to dwell in a decision I made. Yeah, looks pretty stupid when I got trapped by the market turnaround after hitting a new low. When the trigger alarmed, I have to act mean I have to act no matter how stupid I look. I have a plan and I have to stick with the plan.

The mission now is to get a 25% return on $40,000. I still need to wait very patiently before swinging my bat.

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