Saturday, October 29, 2011

A sad note for Thai friends

I have to put off my write-up on KFC because of a headline that I saw. For most of the times, headlines of natural disaster will bother a little bit but this headline of flood in Thailand bothers me a lot.

I have friends over there. I have been following their updates from time to time. Each update is worse than the previous update. Looks like inner Bangkok defence is also breaking down.

One of my friends lost his whole factory. All his production equipment submerged under the water. His years of blood, sweat and tears went under, just like that………just like that. I felt very bad for him.

Another friend of mine would probably have no income for next few months because his customers went under! He told me he has saved up a bit to face unexpected rainy days like this. Though he was cheerful when I talked to him on the phone, I know he was crying inside.

Another friend of mine told me the property loss is sad but that was not his greatest concern. What is killing him and others are the psychological torture. The stress level is unbearable. You feel so helpless, sitting and watching the water level to rise……either to decide to evacuate or not to evacuate…..or……watching your properties get damage bit by bit like a slow death. You fear that you might be out of job because of permanent factory or business closure(excellent excuse, for people sitting in ivory tower, to consolidate factory when demand is weak). You worry about hungry snakes and crocodiles want their shares of retribution!

These are heart wrenching stories. All I can offer was to listen. Listen emphatically. But I suppose by just listening is not good enough.

A while back, Al Gore was care enough to warn the world that we got to do something. He was trying to raise public awareness through his documentary film An Inconvenience Truth. The very sad part is there are whole bunch of people threatened to sue to him. They accused him the creator of global warming hoax. Watch this.

They accused him of anti-progress, pedalling backwards. All I can say to those people is FUCK YOU! Increased of CO2 will have NO impact on weather or what so ever? Warming and cooling of earth planet is just a natural cycle? FUCK YOU one more time, this time with two middle fingers UP!!!!!!

We got to reduce our carbon foot prints. Period!

If you mess around with the mother nature, they will come back to haunt you bunch of so called professional scientists aka idiots. They sad part is, innocent people paid the price for the sins that they did not commit.

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MoneyWise said...

Actually al gore has admitted himself that he made that documentary for financial gains and not based scientific facts. Probably some of the research is true... but there is a lot of things pointing the other way.

Like ethanol production, apparently it is not a very viable alternative source of fuel, but they got subsidies for it because he supported it.