Friday, October 28, 2011

Pre-Market Open Posting

I like to post before the market open. That way, my thoughts are not affected by the movement of the stock markets. I can concentrate purely on my thinking.

Bears got drowned by good news. I enjoy myself very much watching the best poker game on earth. No detail announcements by EU leaders but they starved off a melt down by merely threatening the market players with the old poker game strategy. Going-All-In. Till today, we have not seen what was the card but the opponents already folded their cards.

What is the probability of 9 planets in the Milky Way aligns in one straight line?

That lady's luck is so good. In the midst of ole..ole...ole partying, the US GDP came in with 2.5% growth. The economists have adjusted their numbers for the last few sessions as they see the improvement of the economic data. As a result, Dow closed at 12,208, S & P 1,284 and NYA 7,813.

With the financial markets turnaround, people making easy peasy money, that may improve consumer sentiments and hopefully people will spend a bit more money during coming Christmas seasons. I do hope the demand will improve because I have seen businesses turned sour beginning of this month. I just got back from the US and customers are telling me inventory are very high. If the demand does not take off, it will be a disastrous 2012.

It takes balls to play in the next leg of rally. As I grow older, my balls shrink. Instead of keep guessing when the markets are going to top, I can sleep soundly every night with lots of cash under my pillow.

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