Friday, October 21, 2011

Casual entry

Don't get me wrong that I've gone into hibernation mode. I've been in the United States since beginning of the week and will only be back to Malaysia next week.

It's beginning of fall here. Trees chlorophyl production begin to shut down in preparation of winter. Streets filled with dry maple leaves. Chilled and strong winds sweeping through the leaves can transmit some kind homesick waves into my spine. But thanks to a bunch of American friends here. They're still jovial though the world is not so bright. They never complaint about life. They'll keep on debating and finding solutions to many problems. They really put a lot of pressures on you. They want you to confront the reality and find solutions to problems or how you can make things better. They will force you to move out of your comfort zone to make difficult decisions.

Americans are pretty tough people. Will they ever get out from this mess? I mean this is a country that has great education institution and dynamic global companies. This was a country with high saving and invested very prudently the past. Every where I go, I see people will hold a book or iPad, notebook or whatever reading materials. I find that Americans are hardworking. I remember during my junior days working with the Americans colleagues, I have to wake up late nights to call them. Now that they know the growing Asia importance, they did the other way around. They answer your e-mails too, over the weekend. These people move very fast and very pragmatic.

They, however, for being too pragmatic and compromised certain principles got them into troubles again and again. I hope they can really fix the issues because the capitalism of America in the recent years do not seem to work. The income gap is growing. Their middle class income has been stagnant. Their country fiscal position and unfunded liability is getting larger.....They don't like Obama but the alternatives are no good either. My friends have been making comments like the circus can't operate without animals. There are whole bunch of animals out there now. They think it's pretty scary but then this country has been able to overcome adversity and came out on top. I hope America will reinvent themselves, one more time.

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