Tuesday, October 4, 2011

KLCI 1361. Sold Many Stocks

I am travelling this week. The timing has been very, well what shall I say ? Very untimely. When I woke up this morning, I saw the DJI already flashed red. I knew I have to do some selling today. I think the stock markets around the world are breaking down. It has been a long time that I don't have this discomfort level. I believe selling wave is brewing.

I sold these stocks to raise cash.

KSL 1,500 shares @ 1.31
Boustead 1,000 shares @ 4.84
BAT 100 shares @ 44.12
Amway 500 shares @ 8.55
iCapital 4,000 shares @ 1.98
SOP 1,000 shares @ 3.85

Tried to sell these stocks today but the prices are not good/poor liquidity......PIE, CIMBX25, MUI and EAH. Already lining up for sale.

Will update more over the weekend.

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