Saturday, October 22, 2011

Side Trip Notes

My buddy knows I love to drive. He rewarded me with all new American driving experience. Holy cow I said when they told me that I am going drive this SOB.

This is a big f****** son of the gun. I kept shaking my head in disbelief that I was going to drive a real SUV on the American soils. It's a 5.3L V8 engine. Big engine!!!! Forget about the guilt of polluting the green mother earth. Step on the gas, the sound of Vroooooom.....Vrooooom.......................... will drive you absolutely nut. It's a pure joy of driving. Though V8 engine sounds impressive(350 plus hp with 300 plug lb-ft torque) but I did not feel it was quick enough. Granted, it's a car to tow boat, ferry a big family, etc. It's not a race car.

My next follow up trip? It's kind of like my bucket list, I hope to complete as many drives as possible on this National Geographic Drives of a lifetime.

My next trip is to conquer California's Pacific Coast Highway. Yeah, the description of the twisting and cliff-hugging sounds extremely thrilling to me. But then, the trip is meant to be driven leisurely. Well, may be I can drive with short burst of devilish raw power of a car. Well what car shall I pick?

Possibly a Boxster.


Cina said...

Interesting.. and I like the way you write, simple matter of fact and concise..

have a good trip back whenever that may be. looking forward to your next market update.

Cina said...
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