Monday, October 10, 2011

Links Update

Links housekeeping. Added An Undomesticated Blogspot to my links. I've bookmarked this blogspot sometime ago and reading it very frequently. Thought of just adding it to my links so that I can access to it more easily.

She writes every piece beautifully and thoughtfully. The English is superb. I like her writing styles. She writes like a novelist, poet, philosopher and Freud psychoanalyst.

Her writings will stimulate your minds to think a lot. About many things. She questioned a lot about the purpose of our existence. In school of philosophy, we called it existentialism. To understand more about this subject click on this link

She has another advantage, being a woman, she can express more openly compared to men. She will expose your irrationality, your fantasies, your dark secrets, etc. She can peel layer by layer of your defensiveness and travel deep inside your subconscious level. Understanding your subconscious minds will help you to deal with a lot of problems. A lot of times, many problems are solved by itself, by just surfacing the unconsciousness.

My track record of picking blogspot has been terrible. She thought of closing her blog many times but I hope her blog will be in business for a longtime.

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