Friday, November 11, 2011

Ayrton Senna - The Right to Win

It's approaching the weekend again, time to do things I like to do. Enough of the European headlines. The KLSE market activities hardly display any sign of depressions. 2.6 billion shares changed hands? There are so many of them are trading false hopes and pretty much enjoying themselves in orgies. Enough of bashing, otherwise, people think I'm jealous and having sour grapes.

There are so many things to do in life beyond making money. I watched a movie documenting Ayrton Senna's life while I was on the plane the other day.

Senna is the kind of the guy will inspire you. This kid had a crystal clear vision what he wants to be. He wanted to be a formula 1 driver which predominantly rules by the ang mo.. A guy from Brazil wants to be a F1 driver? Yeah right, not only was able to race in F1 but he was far better than that. He won three times world drivers' championship. As we all knows that Brazil is still at large a poor country especially in the early/mid nineties. His sheer determinations and achievements inspired many others for mission impossible.

He is a genius driver in the rains. His precision and ability to dance with the car in the rains will leave you in awe. Mind you, cars in those times were not assisted by computer. It's pure driving skill. He is the kind of the guy can produce jaw-dropping, eye popping moments, leaving you in awe -- how did he did it????

He hates the politics in the racing business. He is a guy with tremendous character. Read his legacy here He reminds us he is a human too, though he fought for improved safety but he was far willing to put other in danger to go for that gap.

I hope you can enjoy these two clips.

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Unknown said...

Yes, Ayrton Senna is still the ultimate benchmark (the other being Juan Manual Fangio) of a racing driver and especially in F1 where he's pioneered many aspects (fitness, car setup, personal feedback confirmed by computer printout, competitive strategy, car+driver becoming one, honest/eloquent/spellbinding press conference+interviews/etc). Go to YouTube (e.g. interview with Jackie Stewart, Top Gear tribute, so many) to watch this legend. In 2008, Autosport conducted a survey with past F1 champions and F1 drivers and Senna was no.1. His intelligence and many quotes also made it to the top 100 quotes of the 20th century. His death cause many to stop watching F1 altogether and there are many people who still remember exactly where/what they did when he died 1May 94. Senna was the epitome of a human person - extremely successful in F1, his huge business empire and even then, quietly donated about RM 300Million of his personal fortune to the underprivilege. I miss him and his words of wisdom...