Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Has Toyota lost its mojo?

What is mojo?

It's a noun. I know stupid. Be more serious.

It's something related to a magic charm when I looked up in Oxford dictionary.


Has Toyota lost its mojo?

I would like to answer a question with a question. Why Toyotas' chiefs frequently shed tears?


A doctor says it's got to do with biology.


It's got to do with the level of testosterone.


The higher the level of testosterone, the higher the level of aggression.

That makes sense, when the level of testosterone drops -- especially when they grow older -- they become more compassionate. Don't send them to kill a lion or else they........use your imagination to figure that out.

I see. When Toyota announced their withdrawal from F1, it's all about giving up something that they really passionate in exchange for something "bigger than my Alpha male ego" mission. It's painful you know. The future is not about something who can make a "beast" louder, stronger but about something is more friendly to our earth.

You mean there is a quiet revolution going on?

Yeah....check this out.

Can you feel the ice, not heat?

Driving L badge that starts at 168 k?

Yeah, it's very cool but you still have not answered my question.

Is it important?


Young man, young man. You don't like what you hear, don't you?

The young man had just turned into a classic stonewall. Muted.

All you care is UMW, isn't it young man?


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