Monday, November 14, 2011

A return to the age of innocence

My adventure experience into e-book is proven to be good. The first thing I learned, I got to download an e-reader. e-Pub is a popular platform. Okay, that was the first thing I did, downloaded an Adobe Digital Editions at

The next step was to hunt for a book. Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and etc. But then being new to this area, I did not want to pay before I was sure that this thing works. So, I went around search for free stuffs. No free lunches were proven to true, I hit into problems of virus after I downloaded free e-books from some of the free sites, read illegal download sites. Luckily it was not on my working notebook or else it's going to be embarrassing. Explaining I was trying to be frugal will not get a single sympathy vote.

After I cleaned up my mess, determined and not giving up, I stumbled into this site:

Some of the books are really cheap but I think if we're willing to spend time shopping I think we can get even cheaper e-books. I downloaded The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes at free of charge, to kick start this adventure. The title Adventure attracted me because I was in the middle of an adventure then. I'm quarter way through the book now. The experience was good. So I decided to hunt for more free books. Then I found this site

Wow, there are 95 free books.

These books are what I called the return to the age of innocence. Yeah, it's kids' books. But my experience of drinking teaches me one or two things, we can drink the most exotic, most expensive stuffs in the world, at the end water taste the best. Pure and uncomplicated.


Cina said...

Hello Mr MTI.. I read this post yesterday but I thought I'll let you know that I enjoyed reading it. You are very amusing and witty, made me laugh.. I still like the feel of books

Turtleinvestor said...


I'm blushing....Thanks for your kind words. I'm not that funny, my goal is just to be just 10% as funny as Patrick Teoh. That will be a tremendous achievement. :)

Glad that you tried out the e-book experience. I can relate to your preference, it's very difficult to change our habit. My public declaration was to force myself to at least try it out and to conclude that myself.

I think I'll pick a middle ground -- to be a hybrid at least.