Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A weekend stock to write

This stock drives me crazy. The nature of the business appears to defensive and do not think it will be affected by the European crisis. It has a lot of qualities that I like. The stock price is on a rising trend and beating KLCI flat. A rising trend without fundamental will not survive my 5 seconds test. It's an instinct that I developed over the years that I know it's a bullshit stock when I see one, in a matter of 5 seconds. And I don't waste more time on it. I have been following this stock for the last 5 years but have not made a single purchase. The reason main reason? The stock is always fully valued based on the current earnings. The stock that I'm talking about is Dutch Lady.

This cannot go on forever. I cannot allow hung jury. Over the weekend, I hope to put my thoughts in print, electronically of course, why I like this stock.


cheeheng said...

Dear Turtle Investor,
Yeah, Dutch Lady has easily outperformed KLCI. Manage 2 buy the stock @RM 18.00 whn mkt plunge to 1310.Already sitting on 26 % profit in less than 4 mnths.With RM 145 mln cash and no borrowings it can reward shareholders with consistently generous dividends This is a stock one can keep for a long time.With only 64000 mln shares, it might even give a bonus issue in the future.

Verdict said...

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