Saturday, November 5, 2011

A reflection on charity

This is my first entry on this subject. This is a very complicated subject because it involves multi-disciplines. It’s like beauty – it’s in the eyes of the beholder. It’s also very difficult to break it down to a manageable level or deploying my favorite problem solving method by looking at problems from helicopter views, giving up many details and to focus on one or two things that matter the most.

My religion in Christianity has a strong influence on me. First, I agree completely with Jesus that “The poor you will always have with you…….” We can’t be the super-hero to the mankind. You can’t solve all problems. You can’t make all mankind happy. Absolute happiness only exists in heaven and I don’t believe and expect heaven on earth. I accept that we are living in an upside down world. I accept momentous of happiness, sadness, suffering, desolation, solitude, turbulence, peace, etc. It’s just the total package and non-negotiable, we just have to deal with it as best as we can as a human.

Secondly, my thought is also heavily influence by Darwin. Each of us has the survival instincts. We are tougher than we think we're. Or else how two people multiply to 7 billion plus today? The moment we’re born into this world, we’re already a winner. We defeated millions of other sperms to reach an egg. With that premise, I believe strongly that God will help those who want to help themselves. I don’t believe in giving away money to those appear to be very weak or pitiful. Just talk about NEP, that’s enough to light up the fire crackers in me. I can rant for hours, days, months, years, 'till the end of my life. Show me that you want to progress, I will invest in you.

Thirdly, I am also a strong believer of charity begins at home. Invest time with our kids. Coach them in their homework. Teach them to be money smart and street smart. Make them feel secure so that they can be self-confident. Nurture the goodness in them and at the same time teach them enough moral values to defeat or to contain the dark side in us.

Fourthly, this is a follow up on my point no. 3. The world has enough of its problems, just don’t add more problems to it. I’ll live as responsibly as I can while I still breathing on this earth. Do our job well. If our company doesn’t perform, they will fold. When it folds, hundreds dependents will suffer.

Fifth, this value is influenced by Warren Buffett. Everyone has his or her calling. Not everyone has a calling of mother Teresa. Investing is my passion and it’s one of my strengths. I want make highest impact with my money that I’ve grown at reasonable rates. I don’t want to give away fishes but I want to invest my money with fisherman. I don’t want to give away bread or rice but better seeds. The world wasted too much, pissed away too much money because of leakages. There is no point to give away money to churches that will install better sound systems or air-conditioners. I will invest my money in foundations that will fight corruptions, companies that pour money in R & D that can produce more food, companies that can make better medicines, foundations that will invest in education, etc. They got to have good governance.

Six, to be involved personally we must be prepared and trained. We cannot go into the “battlefield” with empty headed. We can be consumed by the “dark forces” and we can die for nothing. Involving in domestic social problems like(alcohol, gambling, domestic violence, etc), disaster relief, war torn victims, etc…

Lastly, give unconditionally. If we don’t want to give, it’s okay because it’s our money. If we elected to “give away” money, do it silently without the need to tell anyone. I mean it, not even to my wife.


eugene said...

Really really love this post of yours.............Thank you

baymemnun said...

Congratulations on the beautiful comments

baymemnun said...

Congratulations on the beautiful comments