Saturday, November 19, 2011


This entry is going to be short.....just to say hi.

I realize that reading and writing blog has evolved to a new level. I started to blog with a simple idea .....transition my paper diary into a digital diary. A personal diary(paper) of course will enable us to brutally honest to express our inner most thoughts. A digital diary will be less detail because I'm still too conservative to do nude sun bath.

Now I've came to realize a "virtual" bond or "friendship" begins to develop. Whenever I open up my favourite blogs, the "un-updated" page will give me some kind of uneasy feeling...are our "friends" doing well? Has he or she been too busy lately? That's why I'll always try to let "them" know how long I will be away.

It's funny that we are more connected "digitally" than we originally thought.

Got to go now, tons of stuffs are waiting for me. Take care.


Cina said...
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Cina said...

yes please do. Thanks Mr MTI